June definitely did not disappoint. This month saw many training adventures, the biggest ones when we hit the road and went on a vacation to Whistler. I got to practice so many new things like walking around a village, suspension bridges, elevators, gondolas, buses, restaurant patios and living in an apartment rather then a house. Oh and I got to explore so many new hiking trails and see so many new doggos, I think I could get used to vacation adventures.

June also saw me reunited with my puppy momma and breeder caretaker. I haven’t seen them since I joined my puppy raiser 5 months ago. It was a very happy reunion!

Aside from the adventures I’ve been working hard on channeling my enthusiasm and learning the art of chill, which the momma and my mentor say I’m making great progress in. Who knew laying still could earn so many treatos. Again another thing I think I could get used to because I doooo luffs food.

It seems each month keeps getting better and better so I can’t wait to see what July has in store for me!! Word on the street it’s going to involve lots of moving as we join in on the PADS move event. We can be found on team Trails with Tails under Mosleying with my Mentor.

Submitted by: Tiffany Spenard