May was a busy busy month. It was full of adventures in the woods as well as the momma got her vaccine which meant we could start venturing out a bit more into the big wide public world.

Our first big adventure was trading in the adventure mobile to get a new one. This found us hanging out for long durations at the dealership where I got to practice the art of chill. This is not my strongest characteristic. I’m quite the busy worker bee and haven’t quite figured out doing nothing is actually work, but the momma and all the staff at the dealership said I did an amazing job.
Naturally getting new wheels meant getting out to use them so we did just that with trips to the lake and the mountains for some hikes and to practice recall in some exciting new places.

May also was the beginning of the puppy tsunami and just as many of the older pups in training showed me the ropes i went to meet up with one of the newer recruits. This really showed the hooman just how far I’ve come in my training already.

I capped off the month with another short trip to the sitter to get some more experience with the work from home life and to experience some new surroundings. Can’t wait to see what June has in store for me. Rumor has it this is pool season!!!

Submitted by: Tiffany Spenard