Hi Friends! It’s me, Mulligan. I had a really, really busy month! I am tired, but I got to see and do lots of cool things! I spent the month of April with another puppy raiser and all her dogs and got to learn a new routine. I did super awesome, and I think I might have even come out of my shell a little bit more with the help of all the other dogs in the house, showing me how cool the world is. 

I got to go to lots of cool outdoor parks where I could just run until my heart was content and get lots of treats for coming back to my person. It was actually a pretty cool game! I also got to go out in public lots and see a ton of new people. I even got to meet them, and I am such a polite girl! Everywhere I went, people loved me. Well, that’s all for now, I will be going back to my puppy raiser soon, so next month you can hear all about our adventures together. Bye!

Submitted by: Amy Barnett