Hello, friends! It’s me, Mulligan. I have an announcement to make: I am officially a “big girl”. This month I graduated wearing a size medium cape and collar. AND I also turned 6 months old!!! 

My hooman is so proud of how calm and mature I am. She says I’m 6 “going on 26” months old. When I got home from Aunty Amy’s house, I was too tall to run through my seester Maui’s legs anymore — it didn’t stop me from trying, though, which made my hooman lol. Luckily my buddy Chaos is taller (he looks like a giant version of me), so I can still use my best move when playing with him. 

At work, I’ve also graduated from using a crate! Instead, I am the best girl at lying down (usually snoozing) on my crate mat with just a tethered leash. I still like to sleep crooked, though, making my hooman co-workers scratch their heads. 

Speaking of co-workers, they have helped me learn “go say hi” since I was itty bitty. So when we learned how to do it at puppy class this month, I already looked like a pro! We also practiced restraint to get ready for our annual Service Dog eye exams. Because my hooman works at a vet clinic, I’ve had tons of practice doing this at work and at home with my seester Maui. I know that a head hold = treats are coming! Bye for now!! 

Submitted by: Karina Nickel