Hi, it’s me again! Mulligan! After having so many visitors in the summer, it was MY turn to be the visitor in September.

First I got to stay with my “twin” PADS Renegade. She’s a cool puppy who is 4 months younger than me, but we’re the same size!! Can you tell us apart in the photo?! Hint: I’m the good looking puppy on the left.

Then I got to stay with cool dogs that don’t look like me AT ALL. A Giant Schnauzer called Ember and a Belgian Malinois called Vista. Me and Vista became BFFs and had many adventures together. I don’t know how she gets her ears to stand up like that!?

Anyways, I’m back with my hooman again. She kept giving me hugs and kisses and telling me she missed me and I’m the best puppy… but I already knew that last bit! Bye for now!

Submitted by: Karina Nickel