Nala is a momma!!! Her due date was April 3 but the puppies didn’t want to wait that long and were delivered strong and healthy on April 1st! We are more than thrilled to be able to introduce Nala’s and Cleat’s Horse Colours Litter! 9 puppies in total (so we will have our hands full!!) We have: Cremello (yellow (F) in purple collar), Dapple (yellow (F) in green), Pal II (yellow (M) in grey), Sorrel (black (F) in white), Bay (black (M) in orange), Roan (yellow (M) in black), Pearl (yellow (F) in blue), Sable II (black (F) in yellow), and Pinto (yellow (F) in red).
Nala is proving to be a natural momma – was absolutely glued to the whelping box for the first three days – getting meals and water in bed, and needing reminding to go pee. As time went on she got more comfortable coming in and out as needed. The first couple of weeks the littles get weighed twice a day to ensure everyone is growing, gets nails done routinely, and has some exercises that help physiological growth. Other than that we let Nala attend to their needs. During the next couple of weeks the puppies are getting stronger and moving about on wobbly legs which means they get to move out of the whelping box. We provide lots of neat objects that they can interact with to get comfortable with things that are new and unfamiliar. This first month is super cute and fun though still lots of work. Will see what month 2 brings!!!

Submitted by: Kailea Feddersen