Mum and I went and stayed at grandma’s house in Chilliwack for 4 days to help out while her mom was away. Grandma has a hard time getting around and uses a walker in the house. On our 2nd sleepover day I heard grandma let out a cry from the bathroom , I ran to her, she was falling backwards so I stepped between her and the funny walker thing so the wheels stopped, then Mum was there and flipped the brakes on. Grandma was okay but couldn’t stop hugging and kissing me for a long time said I saved her and how did I know. That’s okay with me I like to get tons of love and praise. There was also a 26 lb cat named Shade. He didn’t like me very much at first but I grew on him, and then we even ate together a couple of times.

Submitted by: Rachel MacDougall