It’s been an eventful month for Nana; of course, we had the cutest Easter beauties. Then we had a small flood in our kitchen and had big fans and a humidifier to dry things up. It was extremely noisy and warm, so Nana stayed with a sitter for a couple of days and was a mentor to little Bubba. Apparently, she was a very good mentor.

A week after the flood, I broke my tibia, so Nana spent time with 3 different sitters. Nana adjusts easily to new people. She’s happy as long as she’s with “her person.” All the sitters said they loved having her; she’s a sweetheart. This break literally gave me time to heal a bit and become more mobile, and we picked up Nana after her GDBart on the 30th.

Dory is with us for just a little longer, and the two girls were very happy to be back together. Training can be interesting as Dory wants to get in on the action, mostly because she knows kibble is involved.

So not much to report as Nana spent most of the month away; however, “she’s back,” and I’m ready to get back at training with her. We sure missed this little girl’s wiggles and love.

Submitted by: Alison Stuart