Nana has had a good month for play dates and walks with other PADS dogs. We walked with PADS Franz and his raiser Sabrina, PADS Muse and her raiser Nicole, and brother Benji as well as PADS Comox and his raisers Karen and Kelly. These get togethers are not only good for exercise, but we always have training opportunities, dog distraction and recall.

Recently, Nana came suit shopping and the store staff were so impressed as she mostly slept the whole time. We also took her to Buntzen and the Coquitlam River when it was really hot, she put her paws in the water but that’s about as far as she goes. She loves going in her baby pool when there’s no water so looks like she’s not much of a water dog and that’s okay. Almost every day I hear “”what a beautiful pup she is and she’s so good””, of course I’m like the proud mama and say she’s pretty sweet.

Nana is learning her cues well. Right now, we’re working hard on her staying in a sit when people come to the door. Nana loves the car and comes almost everywhere with me, grocery shopping, Chiro appointments, and the mall, she’s a great companion. This August, Nana had to get a bigger vest, little Miss Nana is growing but still as sweet as ever, we love her xo

Submitted by: Alison Stuart