August was a great month, Nana finished her heat so we could go out in public again. PADS Edith went home, Nana was an only child again, I joined team Trails with Tails for the PADS MOVE fundraiser so Nana & I put on a lot of steps this month walking in trails, malls and meet up with friends.

Our puppy class were outside, we got to do lots of fun stuff like walk the cat walk, dog walk actually, and do recall past all the other dogs in the class. Another outdoor class was at PADS where there were stations set up and we raced against another team, I won a prize so I picked a new leash for Nana, it matched her fur.

I won a 2 night stay in Nanoose Bay with some PADS people, Nana came with us and we had a blast. There was retired breeding dog Samba and one of her pups, who is now four, Uno, the dogs had so much fun together. We hiked, explored, went for dinner at the golf course, the weather was perfect, what nice people and what a beautiful place.

My husband & I went to a boot camp as part of a MOVE event, Nana was awesome, she laid beside my mat the whole class. After we met up with more teammates for a 6 km walk followed by brunch.

We’re working on duration cues like down, sit & stand along with lots of other things, I took Nana to the mall to work on “go in” under benches and then we sat and watched people go by. Nana is easy to bring along anywhere, she loves people more than dogs EXCEPT if it’s a PADS dog!

The PADS MOVE fundraiser may be over but Nana & I will continue to move & groove.

Submitted by: Alison