Our trainer Nicole gave us a couple of entertaining homework assignments this month. The first was a video of “dress” in a creative way. Nana balanced on a Bosu ball while putting her head through her cape. The second video was for the “Christmas Catwalk Challenge” Nana wore her Christmas Sweater and reindeer antlers. I wore my Christmas sweater and Santa hat, and we walked around our neighbourhood. We saw a few neighbours who thought this was so cute… Nicole put together an amazing video of all the dogs in our class. It was so fun to watch!

Nana went into heat on December 13th, and she’s been a real trooper. With not being able to be in public, we’ve been working hard on all the training cues. Nana had a couple of play dates with her friend Muse, and before her heat, she got to play with her brother Benji.

Dory came for a visit for a few days just before Christmas, and it snowed!. Christmas was quiet; however, Santa did spoil Nana, of course.

Nana may be missing her runs in the forest, but not for long. Happy New Year!!

Submitted by: Alison Stuart