Happy 2021! It’s been a month of new experiences for Nana. She spent the day at an elementary school with raiser Karen, a youth worker. Nana loved being around the kids, whether it was one kid or five. Karen said Nana was a superstar, the most gentle pup she’d ever met, and nothing rattled her. With COVID, Nana hasn’t been able to go to volunteer events, so this was an excellent opportunity for her.

Nana joined my husband & me when we went to look at electric bikes. When we test-ride them, Nana spent the day with another raiser Sabrina who took her on the bus & Skytrain for her first time. They watched a helicopter take off, then met her partner and their PADS dogs Franz and drove home. Again Nana got to experience things we haven’t done, and we got to try out the bikes, which we bought and have the day to ourselves; it was a win, win for everyone.

Nana finished her first heat and is happy to be back running in the trails and seeing some of her friends. We’ve had walks with her bestie Muse, her friend Gabi, Nemo, Queenie, who is in advanced training and her brother Benji. She’s a very social girl.

Nana is the happiest girl who greets you with a stuffy in her mouth and a wiggly tail. She waits patiently in the morning until we go for a long walk and gets her breakfast along the way. Nana chills beside me when I do yoga on Zoom and makes an appearance on camera once in a while.

Nana is doing well with her learning and is very food motivated, making her easy to teach. She is a very affectionate pup who melts our hearts every day.