We decided to do a couple of little getaways in B.C. as we are unable to go to our cabin in Birch Bay. We went to Kelowna & Whistler this month, Nana went to different sitters as we were doing things (zip lining, spa) where Nana couldn’t come along. Nana went into heat while we were in Whistler and is so chill about wearing “panties”. Before her heat we went to the mall, grocery store and a few small hikes, nothing too strenuous with the warm weather.

Nana is starting to wonder if she’s ever going to be an only child again. We sat PADS Cremello for a few days while her raisers moved into their new home, then PADS Edith. Saying that, Nana is an absolute dream with these little ones even with constantly being bitten in the neck or leg.

We had two in person puppy classes outside, the first was a bit challenging as this was the first time some of the dogs had been together, the second class was the older dogs, I’d say Nana & I felt it went much smoother.

Since Nana is in heat she can’t go out in public, we do little walks around the block. Nana has been getting lots of exercise playing with the pups though and we are always working on training.

This little girl continues to make us laugh , we love every minute with her.

Submitted by: Alison