July has been another busy month for Nana as she has spent time with some other sitters, Corry and Rick, here on Vancouver Island. She practiced her sits, downs, heels, sides, and stands. She visited a few malls, where she worked very well. Nana played very nicely with another dog in a fenced yard, and she really likes to play with children. She did not seem to be distracted by bunnies and showed no interest when walking around a lake. Her recall was touch and go depending on her surroundings. We have also noticed that when Nana finds a really interesting pee-mail, she takes her time responding to being recalled. When she does decide to come, it is with great enthusiasm. She never lets me get too far ahead of her. She has been very good with her “go-ins” when visiting restaurants. 

We have had both human and canine visitors over the past few weeks. Nana has enjoyed the extra human attention and is proud to present them with one of her toys or her favourite stuffie! She was respectful of the older chihuahua and the unsociable Lagotto, who would not engage in play!! Nana still has a few issues with holding her stand and long sits. She is showing no hesitation about getting into the back of our SUV. She came with my granddaughter and me to a petting farm and showed very little interest in the pigs, goats, cows, sheep or chickens. Nana showed some hesitation when approaching a motorcycle parked on the road, but like the golf cart concern last month, after a little walk around it and gradually getting closer to it and having a sniff, there were no more issues with approaching or walking past it.

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Nana.

Advanced training location: Vancouver Island (Satellite)

Submitted by: Linda, Advanced Training Sitter