June 9th was our “gotcha day” for Nana, and I can’t believe a year has gone by already. She is the sweetest girl who brings love & enthusiasm to everyone she meets.

We’ve been getting together with her brother Benji for regular walks & training sessions. We go to the grocery store or mall regularly. She’s happy to go along and is very well behaved. PADS Biarritz stayed with us for 24 hours before he left for the states, and PADS Cremello has been over for a visit. Nana is awesome with the little ones. She makes a great big sis.

Nana came with me when I got my 2nd COVID vaccine, and she brought lots of smiles to all the people at the vaccine center.

Nana went to a sitter, Donna Short, for a couple of days. She knows Donna well and is always happy to be there. Donna took her to Brentwood Mall and met some of the neighbours and some gym friends. I was told she was very well behaved.

With the heatwave, we’ve kept things low-key. I filled the baby pool; Nana only goes in when there’s no water, so I went in!

Submitted by: Alison