Nana & Dory have been having lots of fun training and playing together. Dory left May 11th for a trial with a client in Victoria. Unfortunately, Dory came down with kennel cough, so she stayed with a PADS person until she got better. Four days later, Nana started coughing, which meant no playdates or being around other dogs. We worked on all sorts of training at home and walked around our neighbourhood practicing loose leash walking.

Nana went to a sitter for a week as we were taking a puppy short term going to another school. We had sweet little Dorset, who is Dory’s half-sister. We loved having her. She has a lot of Dory’s mannerisms and was a quick learner. Since Nana had kennel cough, we didn’t get her back until Dorset left on May 29th.

Our girl is back, and we’re happy to have her home. She’s recovered from her kennel cough, not that it ever bothered her. We’re back to working hard at training and being entertained by this fun-loving little girl.

Submitted by: Alison