Nana had her first trip to Granville Island, it was a beautiful day, lots of smells and people. She did very well walking through the market with all the different smells, we sat outside having a coffee, Nana was so calm listening to the birds, watching other dogs and all the boats in the water.

We had our first “in person” class where Nana got to see her sister Chloe and see some new PADS pups. We trained in the parking lot then walked through the mall to London Drugs where the dogs practiced a five minute down, it was so great to see other raisers and dogs as well as our trainer Nicole.

We met Gabi and her raisers for a play at Mundy Park, they had so much fun, we also met up with Muse and her raiser for a walk through Bert Flinn park.

Nana went to sitter Bill Ng for two weeks, she experienced going into the Vancouver Police Department, having his two kids around and going to all different parks, she even got to walk with her sister Lassie. Bill is not only an amazing sitter, he is an amazing photographer so I got beautiful pics.

We had a lot of fireworks on Halloween, Nana wasn’t bothered by them at all. I made pumpkin puree from the pumpkins we carved, she’s loving it!

We really missed Nana those two weeks however it was good for her to be in a very different environment. She is such a sweet girl, is learning well and keeps us smiling.