Nana had to take it easy for the first couple weeks after her spay, then went to a sitter when she was healed and ready to play again. Nana seems to have become a little more spunky since her spay, and we’re like, “what happened to our calm girl.” We were invited to a Whitecaps game which included being in a locker room, a clinic on the pitch, then a scrimmage. As much as Nana would have loved to run with everyone, we stayed on the sideline and met coach Vanni Sartini who learnt about PADS. After we went for dinner & drinks and watched the game, there were lots of loud noises, smoke machines, people eating, food on the floor and Nana was calm & relaxed. 

There was a family beside us whose son Max suffered a brain injury when he was younger. Max kept coming over to Nana and touching her ears or hugging her. Nana was great with him, and it melted everyone’s hearts. 

We went to Home Depot to see the Halloween displays and saw Christmas instead.?? She did see decorations & some spooky characters when she was with the sitter and in our neighbourhood, and we did visit the Halloween Spirit Store with her brother Benji. 

The beginning of the month was quiet, but the second half made up for it for this sweetie.

Submitted by: Alison