Nana had an exciting September with lots of new experiences.

We went to the Sunflower Festival in Chilliwack – she looked so cute amongst all the flowers!

My daughter got married September 12th so Nana went to a sitter for a week where she got to be with kids and run around a big yard and had great training opportunities.ย  I wasn’t sure she’d want to come home ๐Ÿ™‚


Nana had her maiden voyage on my girlfriend’s boat.ย  She was a rock star, from walking on the metal grate down to the boat, getting in and out of the boat wearing a life jacket, to cruising along with the wind in her hair – she truly is from the Hollywood litter!!ย  Nana also joined “dogs against baths” –ย  she is proving to not be a water dog for sure.

Her training is coming along well.ย  She’s eager and loves her food, so is always willing to train.ย  Dory came home for a weekend and the two of them had so much fun!ย  We went to Home Depot to check out the Hallowe’en displays.ย  Dory was a good influence on Nana.

Now, I know she sounds perfect, but not quite.ย  We’re working on her daytime kennelling, at which she is getting better.ย  She also always wants to be where I am, so if I go outside, she barks.ย  We have to have a couple of challenges!ย 

Nana is a sweetheart and always up for new adventures.

Submitted By: Alison Stuart