It’s September already. Nana was with sitter Sabrina a couple of times. One time they were outside when they were caught off guard with thunder & lightning. Sabrina said Nana handled it very well. Sabrina did a little photo shoot with all of us at Colony Farms, and Nana was a natural, of course, she is from the Hollywood Litter! Nana came to the voting station with us, and she was a very calm presence. People commented on how well behaved she was. We went on different get togethers, one with PADS Edith, one with PADS Cremello and one with her brother PADS Benji. Nana loves playing with other PADS pups. Nana is doing great with her training, and the month ended with her being spayed. She was a trooper her first night, not a peep out of her. This girl may be little however, she’s a tough cookie.

Submitted by: Alison