September was a challenging month for Nana in more ways than one. She settled into a new household and took several “field trips,” including one to the dentist, which was a bit of a snore, and several to a very busy campus where she got to hang out under the classroom podium. She might have snuck out for a few peeks at the students during lectures, but I’m sure no one noticed (ha!). On the other hand, Nana also had surgery this month to have a very large molar tooth removed, which meant dinner was literally mush-only for 12 days straight. A big thank you to Raiser KP, who picked Nana up from the vet, and her PADS pup Sprinter, who did her best to comfort poor Nana, who had to wear the dreaded ‘cone.’ In the end, Nana pulled through it all with flying colours… October is definitely looking up!

Submitted by: Susan, Advanced Training Sitter