As it is for everyone, it has been a different month for us! We started our month still going to Whistler on the weekends, which Nav enjoys; she loves playing in the snow as long as it isn’t too cold (she does NOT like -13* C!). For the rest of the month we’ve been hunkering down at home. Nav is enjoying having all five of us home. She doesn’t mind being restricted to leash walks and we’re taking the opportunity to refine our leash walking skills, including doing moving obedience, changes in speed, walking beside the kids’ scooters, and stepping on a skateboard. She’s been helping Jackie with lesson plans for the puppy program (see the attached photo where she got to demonstrate an enrichment activity involving sticking her head into a dog food bag) and had the extra opportunities to train the quarantine representatives. Her favourite spot in the house is on her training platform.

Submitted By: Jackie Clark