Happy New Year!!

I started off 2020 with another week of holidays. However, I was still doing work while going to appointments, out to restaurants, shopping at the mall, riding transit, getting groceries and visiting with friends.

Back at school, the routines started again. But we also had unique opportunities like building nest boxes (with the Stream of Dreams organization), helping our local high school students (de-stress after Math exams) and going on a field trip to the rink for ice skating! I am continuing to work on my dog distraction but having PADS Tako at work has helped with my training for that! All work and no play does make me a bit sad so I did get to run around with other PADS friends at parks! I even had a snow day romp at the False Creek dog park, after practicing loose leash walking on snowy sidewalks of course πŸ™‚

Submitted By: Karen Johns