Nico Sept 3Intro to Nico II’s Puppy Raising Family:

Dana and Jay – we have 4 kids:  McKenna (14), Fisher (12), Piper (10) and Pope (8).  We also have lots of pets:  Renaldo (Bearded Dragon), Rainbow and Blueberry (Beta Fish), Scarlett and Johansson (sister hamsters) and Marvin (Ball Python Snake).  Nico loves them all and doesn’t even give them more than a glance anymore!

We live in Cochrane, AB, at the Bow RiversEdge Campground where Jay is the facilities manager.  Jay is also a Calgary Firefighter.  Dana is a Kindergarten teacher and administers funding for children with special needs.

We love:  soccer, being active, bike riding, skate boarding, scooters, tobogganing, skiing, cards, board games, reading… and of course, PADS dogs!!

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Submitted by our outstanding PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Dana & Jay Stephenson & family.