We have found new and interesting ways to work with meal time manners, new food puzzles (store-bought and homemade), daily 10 kibble challenges, and lots of outside work on the patio (which is new for Nootka). There are tons of distractions on the patio!  We’ve also done lots of kennel training and cape training (her mild Cape aversion has disappeared now – wearing her Cape is fun again!)


For the most part, Nootka has adapted well to the change in our first full month of isolation.  I’m happy that she misses her peeps and her dog friends – she is a social dog, which is good.

We have sought out construction sites to get her used to heavy equipment and noises.  She has been at the Heroes’ Parade and heard some big noises, including sirens and firecrackers, which she easily took in stride.

We have been really creative with training activities (outside of assigned homework) since we moved into this “new normal”. 


Looking forward to expanding our bubble next week so that she can see her favourite person soon – her Nana.

Submitted By: Caroline Lewis