My August was way different than last year’s because it was my second August and I’m a big pup now! This time started out mostly at home because I had what they called “heat”, which sounds awful, but I didn’t really notice it much. Hooman and I stayed at home and did lots and lots of training sessions, which I love so much because it means kibbles, which I really, really love! We worked on all of the basics that she could think of which was totally fun for me because it’s a blast to do a “Go In” under chairs and tables set up in the garage like a circuit. There were a few great things to “”Perch”” on which might be my absolute favourite thing to do.

We also relaxed a lot outside on the patio and I worked on duration sit, stay, and down because….why not and because I love to work! I was happy though when the “heat” was over because I could go out for walks in my ‘hood again. I enjoyed playing with my little girl friends in my complex who love to help me train – they wondered why I had disappeared!

The most unbelievable time I had in August was when Hooman took me to a new sitter and I knew right away who it was, I couldn’t believe it! I went for a week to the home of my Breeder/Caretaker who helped me start out right in the world when I was born, I loves her! But that’s not even all of it, because the bestest surprise is that my Momma Chai lived there too and I got to spend time playing, learning, chilling, and hangin’ out with my beautiful Momma! I was one happy and very busy pup during that week being with my original family – Emily kept my in line with my cues, lots of practicing, and watching the Momma do amazing things that I would copy. It was as good as it gets for me!

But wait, there’s more! Hooman had a bit of an accident and she needed time to feel better so I went to spend time with Kaylie and her three dogs. She took me to PADS for the day as well. I’m pretty proud to say that I was such a good girl when Kaylie trusted me to go out to dinner and leave me snuggled in my kennel for over two hours. She watched me on her little box and I did not bark once! Everyone was pretty proud and I felt pretty good at coming that far. I finished off the month going to my original first sitter and #1 fan for the weekend where we romped in the forest with my friend, PADS Cana! My pup life is pawsome!

All in all the month of August was a ton of summer fun and I can’t wait to share my September shenanigans with you next time!

Submitted by: Caroline Lewis