December – the most wonderful time of the year!

It snowed enough for me to play and train in it – it’s been a long time since it snowed, and when I saw it again, it was just like the first time – snow much fun! I had some wonderful adventures this month. I had a super fun playdate with PADS Finesse and Mit-Blue at a dog beach; the tide was in. There wasn’t a lot of beach, but we covered all of it with our running and playing. We even took a few dips in the water, which was a little chilly but still super awesome!

I had 2 adventures with some wonderful PADS sitters who took me to new places and gave me new experiences. I really love going away to spend time with these amazing peeps who keep me on track with my training. Who give me as much love as my raiser! I spent Christmas Eve morning with my brother PADS Comox exploring the White Rock Pier, promenade and beach. And Christmas with my raiser’s family. I wore a pretty spiffy Christmas outfit, and my hooman said I was the best gift ever!

I’m looking forward to whatever 2021 brings, and I think it’s going to bring a lot of great things for me!

Submitted By: Caroline Lewis