Nootka has really enjoyed learning some new skills and is always eager to engage with her handler. Sometimes she gets vocal and impatient when it’s not her turn to work, so she has been working on calm, barrier frustration and her ability to toggle between excitement levels. She’s enthusiastically taking on this work, and we hope that her hard work starts to pay off. For the holiday break, Nootka continued to work on things like calm and different levels of excitement while off-site. We hope that she shows further growth with her challenges and know she will be excited to get back to work in the new year!

  • Skills being learned: Practice of foundations and introduction of potential skills
  • Recent field trips:  Trout Lake, the neighbourhood around PADS and others
  • Possible behavior challenges:  higher baseline of activation and arousal spikes
  • Advanced training location: West Coast

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Nootka!

Submitted by: Ashley, Service & Hearing Dog Instructor