This month Nootka rocked the class at Coquitlam Ikea, I was so proud of her. She didn’t balk at doing anything, remained calm and composed around the other dogs, and around all of the distractions there. She also retained what we learned – she is fearless with the go-ins now and will seek out new places to demonstrate them to me! While at Ikea Nootka was active for the whole class and had distance when she needed it from the other dogs so that she did not cycle into over threshold behaviour. She also went on a few outings with other PADS dogs, walking in the mall and training in a busy recreational facility. Nootka practiced really good manners at dog parks too.
What we are working on for February: lessening separation anxiety, getting new experiences with puppy sitters, and lots of distraction work which she is doing well at, particularly with food on the ground. I am happy to say that she is also improving her daytime off switch and we are seeing progress on this in the past week.

Submitted By: Caroline Lewis