She had an epic playdate with 3 of her brother’s where she learned to outrun them because they were after her! The great thing about this meet-up was that there were 5 dogs and maybe 12 people and when we met in the parking lot before the walk she settled in pretty well to a down which was huge compared to how in the past she would be going berserk.

Yesterday, she rode the Canada Line train for the first time. No issues whatsoever. She didn’t flinch going through the entry gates which are narrow and the doors open rapidly, she was good in the glass elevators and the stairs and overall she didn’t seem freaked out at all. We settled on the platform at first to get her used to the sounds and noises and the rushing wind from the tunnel and she checked in for a few treats when she first heard/saw the train but she never hesitated to get on or go under the seat or get off the train. She checked in when she heard the station announcements inside the train the first time but after that she didn’t even flinch. We need to work on her tucking in under the seat a little better. She was absolutely rock solid throughout the whole experience!

We continue to work on motivation/engagement exercises as well as duration stand which she doesn’t really have yet. She usually lasts about 10 seconds out of her so I’m working on a technique to help her stand with a little less enthusiasm in order to keep her in place. Otherwise, this work on engagement and motivations has been amazing for Nootka and for me.

We are lining up a puppy swap in July with Gertrude and also she is going to spend the day at work with Kerri Cooke to get some different experiences.

Submitted By: Caroline Lewis