Hi Frens, I can’t believe a whole month has gone by, and we’re heading into July already! My June was packed with a whole lotta balance: lots of play, lots of exploring and lots of training, and I’ve gotta say that I’m almost two years old, and I still love it all equally! When my vest is on, I’m all business. When I’m released to play, I don’t hold back on the fun, and my training has helped me figure out how to be appropriate and do all of the things in the right way!

This month we focused on lots of loose-leash walking around my neighbourhood, and I have become so good on my leash that the hooman needs just the lightest touch – she’s pretty happy with me. We also walked many kms on trails, switching between on and off-leash to make sure I have rocket recall if my hooman needs me back at her side immediately – I’m doing pretty well if I say so myself! I’ve also become quite good at Go Sniff, which gives me a chance to sniff out my new “mail” in my fave spots and so many other new things to check out with my nose, which is really, really good fun for me. I also practiced a lot with my PADS friends in the past month, working on remaining calm around all the gorgeous PADS puppers while we do some fun training in a casual setting at regular meet-ups. And my following of neighbourhood kids has really grown since springtime now that the nice weather and longer daylight hours are around. My little friends can stay out later to learn about me and my goals and help me with some of my training. I love my littles!

I had some pretty epic play dates, including one during which I magically transformed from a yellow lab to a black lab with a nice coating of mud – it was totally worth the bath afterwards! Check out the picture; I hope it makes you grin!

More to come in July, enjoy your summer!

Submitted by: Caroline Lewis