I’m so excited for Spring – it means better weather, more daylight for longer walks and lots of beautiful things to explore on my sniffaris, I mean walks! As usual, I had a packed month, lots of great training, reviewing and refining some cues that I learned a long time ago and learning some fun new things – I’m still a puppy who loves to work! My favourite kind of training session is when I meet up with other PADS dogs, and we work on our manners in public in malls and other public places. And it’s supaw fun when we combine training with outdoor fun, as you’ll see in a couple of my photos when I was out with my brothers at Pitt Lake. I also did a lot of solo training, just my raiser and I sitting and watching the world go by at playgrounds and sports fields and in malls – this is all helping me be comfortable in any environment.

I’m still working on being calm around people because people are my most favourite thing in the world. I’m so lucky to have some neighbourhood hooman girlfrens who love to learn about training a future assistance dog like me. They help me a lot, for example, by letting me “visit” them and when I stay calm, I get lots of cuddles and love from these frens and of course treats from my raiser. Now that the weather is getting better, I know there will be so many opportunities to “visit” them more, and it will be great!

Until next month!

Submitted by: Caroline Lewis