May was a month of balance – between work and play and living with my own raiser and swapping with my brother PADS Hardy’s raisers. I also have been learning some new skills and fine-tuning some of the cues that I know. One thing is for sure, I still absolutely love to work and to learn new things – I just can’t get enough!

Some highlights of my May included: I went to new places like the drive-through vaccination centre, the dentist and the hairdresser in my yellow cape. The dentist told my hooman that I was so quiet she didn’t even know I was on the other side of the chair until she got up to leave – yeah me! An epic trip to a new dog park where the entire ground was covered with bark mulch. When I was younger, I would have tried to feast on the mulch, but I was not tempted this time around. I also honed my jump-on skills on a very small tree stump (see pic) and did a great job ignoring all of the other dogs around me, so overall, the report from my brother’s raiser was pawsome!

I have been working on my important recall skills with a lot of off-leash time on trails and in the park. I have always been really good with this cue, and I’m even stronger now so that I’ll be ready for my furever person one day.

In the middle of my swap, I got together with my brothers for a fantastic playdate, which was mostly in the rain. We went for a leashed walk around a beautiful lake and passed by ducks and geese, even a mother goose with 9 or 10 goslings nestled into her, and I was curious but respectful and kept my distance, so I didn’t upset the momma. I also settled nicely with my brothers when it was a time-out from playing with squeaky chickens and rope toys. I never used to be able to settle with them before because I was too excited! All the work I’ve been doing on being calm is definitely paying off, and I’m a happy puppy!

Off now to see what June has in store for me, so until next month Frens!

Submitted by: Caroline Lewis