September 2020 could have been one of my favourite months!  I had so much summer fun and even snuck some of it into fall.

I went to this great place called Granville Island for the very first time and I rode on a little ferry which I really liked – I discovered I have sea legs!  Then we went to the market and there were so many temptations there:  people, all the smells and the food.  My hooman told me that I did a great job avoiding all the things like food on the ground and I walked through the market so politely.

I even sat in front of the most delicious smelling place with all the meats and I behaved like an assistance dog should, no sniffs, no tastes, just a nice sit to take it all in!

For the first time ever, with a PADS super sitter, I took a city bus in downtown Vancouver.  It was really busy and squishy and I made myself very small under the seat and I was just fine.

 I had lots of epic play dates with my PADS friends in Pacific Spirit Park – please look at the cuteness in the photo of PADS Muse and me squishing on a small log – good thing we are buddies because it could have been uncomfortable!  And my super sitter took me to a new dog beach in Kitsilano and I played with so many new friends so very nicely and I did go into the ocean, but only up to my belly.  I’m not really a swimmer, not yet anyway!  Maybe one day I’ll decide to take the plunge!

Submitted By: Caroline Lewis