Norris is working on the “bed” command.  His humans are currently adding the doorbell as a cue for him to go to his bed.

Norris has enjoyed being a house dog these past few months and exploring the back lane behind his yard.

He likes to dig, so his humans have to stay alert when he is in the yard in order to redirect his behaviour  – if necessary – to save Mom’s garden.


He is trustworthy on off leash walks and responds well to ‘here’, ‘leave it’ and ‘let’s go’.  He likes to greet humans as much (or more) than other dogs, but one of the benefits of COVID restrictions is that other people are not reinforcing the attention he seeks to give them.  There has been a noticeable improvement in his default behaviour of keeping a distance from strangers.   Extinguishing his people distraction has been good for him, and made “marked check-ins” with his human happen even more frequently.

Submitted By: Kara Crawford