Odin Aug

Odin has enjoyed a great summer!  Numerous visits to beaches and water with times of romping and playing with other dogs have got to be a delight for any puppy!

Two highlights of his summer will be remembered for sure!  Odin’s “field trip” to the PNE with the PADS puppy class in late August was a novel and interesting experience.  Odin was pretty excited about the opportunity to ride with Translink and then to mingle with the crowds at the fairgrounds. Walking through the food area with all of its smells was definitely a challenging experience, but Odin was successful by checking in with his raiser regularly and of course, receiving lots of treats for doing so!  The animal barns brought another fresh experience.  Odin a little too excited at this point, but he was eventually able to check out the horses and llamas before making his exit on a positive note.

Odin Aug2Odin’s late summer sailing trip to the Gulf Islands was another adventure full of new and fascinating sights, sounds and smells.  He watched the glistening waters from the boat and rolled with the waves onboard the boat when the breeze and sails were up.  Beach walks, dinghy rides to shore, exploring the island trails, eating and sleeping on the boat for 7 sleeps… was all pretty cool!  Putting on his new red lifejacket is a lot like putting on his PADS cape and Odin got that down pat pretty early in his travels.  Puppies love and need their sleep and it isn’t surprising that Odin seemed to enjoy sleeping in the sunshine on the boat just as much as any of the other playful activities!

Submitted by our fantastic PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Kathy Johnson

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