Odin Aug 2015 IMG_6160 smlOdin would say that the highlight for the month of August was spending a week with Tom and Donna…two wonderfully devoted and loving puppy sitters for PADS.  Tom and Donna kept Odin very busy with coffee shop and restaurant outings, family events and walks in the park.  Odin was particularly happy to attend Pet-a-palooza on August 23 in Yaletown.  The event is the west coast’s largest outdoor pet festival.  In this picture Tom and Odin are meeting a Great Dane with pink nails and another cuddly grey poodle.  Donna reported that Odin was very well behaved with all of the dogs.  They all had so much fun they revisited in the afternoon.

Submitted by our remarkable PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Katherine Johnson.