Odin Julyb2Summer sunshine and fun activities have filled the days of July for Odin.  He has become quite a regular ferry rider and went on one trip to Vancouver Island as well as three trips to the Sunshine coast.  Odin watched his first parade on Sea Cavalcade weekend in Gibsons.  He watched bag pipe marching bands, people dressed in costumes walking and dancing, the Coastal Cowgirls riding their horses and many big trucks – ambulances, fire trucks and search and rescue trucks.  They all had lights and sirens blaring which didn’t seem to bother Odin one bit.  Odin also attended a lively family birthday BBQ and had several opportunities to run on sandy beaches and splash in the water getting his feet wet.  He is not sure about actually swimming just yet, but his curious look indicates that it likely won’t be long!.
Odin was also welcomed at his raiser’s dental office and after a bit of restless behaviour he finally curled up to sleep and wait.  Several other hygienists were envious and said “It’s not fair – you get a puppy!”  Oh, and we can’t forget about shopping.  Odin had several experiences mall shopping and can wait quietly in the fitting room and is quite ready to fall asleep.  He isn’t quite as great in the bulk food aisle at Superstore…there are just too many temptations at this age.
At 6 months of age Odin is now 45.4 pounds.  In early July it was necessary for him to trade in his size small cape and collar for size medium.  Bringing home a larger kennel was also a definite necessity.  This month in puppy training Odin’s favourite things were targeting with his paw and learning to “settle” on a beach towel.  He continues to practice lots of “going in” exercises along with sitting and lying for a bit longer than a minute with some distance and distraction added.  “Release” is the magic word and Odin responds with great enthusiasm when he hears the word.  Kathy (his raiser) thinks he’s even learning to lip read this one!
Submitted by our fantastic PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Kathy Johnson