Odin June1Odin is quickly growing into those big feet that everyone is talks about.  He weighed 36.2 pounds on June 19 and is definitely a very loveable and handsome puppy!  The warm days of summer bring many interesting and new socializing opportunities for Odin.  At 5 months he is comfortable in crowds and noisy places.  Highlights during this month were attending the Dragon Boat Festival at False Creek, cheering on the runners at the Scotia Half Marathon and staying three days on Keats Island mingling with100 staff during their pre-camp orientation.
Leisure activities can be more quiet as Odin frequently relaxes in the sunny areas of the garden.  Oh, to enjoy the life of being a puppy!  To date his absolute favourite thing is drinking water from the sprinkler wand!  It is so much more exciting and delightful than lapping water from his bowl.  Odin was amazed his first ride in a canoe one Sunday evening at Rocky Point.  This experience had a whole new feel with new sights everywhere, the sea breeze on his face and the dipping and dripping of the paddle. Who wouldn’t like watching sea otters sleeping on logs, eagles flying overhead and the surround sound of seagulls?
However,it isn’t all play. Odin’s training includes learning to obey basic commands with a few added distractions such as traffic noise, crows cawing and bees buzzing.  Training progresses with duration and distance added to his “sit” and “down”. He can sit for one minute and bounds toward me when he is released.  Odin is good at vehicle loading and unloading and seems to prefer the car floor to the kennel.  “Heel” and “side” are beginning to have meaning and he had lots of opportunity to practice “yours/mine” at the large camp dining room.  Hand targeting is clearly a favourite as he learned this very quickly.
– Submitted by his fantastic PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Kathy Johnson