Odin Nov4During the month of November Odin watched the rustling leaves of autumn change to frosty grass and bushes.   The first snowfall was pretty exciting.  Romping in the white stuff and eating some here and there makes for a new and fun playtime.  

At ten months, Odin is a very happy and occasionally a wee bit defiant puppy adolescent.  However, overall Odin is very focused and is keen to please.  He shows determination when playing “Find it” and proudly brings back the toy to his human playmate.  Odin now leaps eagerly into the back of the car when going on an outing.  He has learned to “shake a paw”, either paw, and  can “get the keys”.  He usually flips them around in his mouth and paws a few times before bringing them back.  

Odin plans to visit Santa during the PADS Open House on December 6 and is looking forward to getting his picture taken (really?) He has his letter ready to deliver and we will see if he can carry it in his mouth without eating it first!

Dear Santa,
I haven’t met you yet, but I have heard that you love the colour red and you wear a red and white suit.  I’ve been told that you will be stopping your sleigh at my house on Christmas Eve if I have been good.  Well, for the record, my raiser says ‘good boy’ hundreds of times every day.    If you are too big to fit down the chimney, we always hide a spare in a secret location that your elves know about!  For Christmas I would like a new tug toy.  Mine is pretty well in shreds.   Nylabones are good too.  I love to chew and any flavour is perfect!
Thanks so much Santa.  I hope that you aren’t too tired.  There will be shortbread cookies beside the fireplace for you and the elves if you are hungry.   I think it is a very nice thing that you do for all the people.  Merry Christmas!
Love, Odin

Submitted by our super Puppy-In-Training Odin and his wonderful Puppy Raiser, Kathy Johnson