April brought some nicer weather and I have been having lots of adventures outside, as well as lots of visits to my puppy raiser’s office, restaurants, shops, and sporting events. I am currently working on my heels and sides, as well as learning how to stand when asked.

My puppy raiser is impressed with my loose leash walking skills. I did my first hike in the mountains this month and I did so well – walking on a loose leash the whole hike! I even got to go to the spa after my hike!

I am so well-behaved when my puppy raiser is at her office – most of the time her colleagues don’t even know I am there. The puppy raiser’s work is a bit boring, so I am quite happy to lie under her desk or a table and have a snooze. πŸ™‚ My puppy raisers continue to tell me what a very good boy I am. They say I am a gentle soul who is eager to please and loves to be close to them.

Submitted by: Hayley Saunders