I’ve taken her out on a standup paddleboard several times. She clearly enjoys it and is eager to get on, but still finds it hard to stay down and/or still with all the stimulation and movement. She has fallen off a few times, and tipped us both in once, but we haven’t had any mishaps the last couple of outings. I bought a high-quality PFD for her that makes it easy for her to swim with her head well out of the water and has a handle on the back that makes it easy to get her back on when she falls off.

In our training we’re focusing on positioning commands – side, heel, here, front, turn around, my lap – with me sitting in a chair (to simulate a wheelchair). We’re also working hard on duration for stands, sits and downs. Finally, we’re struggling to be less distracted by dog smells in the environment and to leave/ignore them when asked to do so.

Submitted By: George Prevost