It’s boating season for us again. Pal has his new life jacket, which he happily moves into with the dress cue for his vest. He has grown big enough to jump into our boat but still needs a little help getting out, which isn’t a bad thing! He is very calm on board, often looking for a sunny spot to lie down on. One very wet day, I took Pal for a walk in the mall. He did so well ignoring children and food on the floor at the food court. That I thought maybe I could try on some clothes. When I thought about Pal and me in a small change room, I changed my mind. Every morning Pal gets a stuffed kong while I have my breakfast. Now instead of barking, he happily munches and licks away on kibble and peanut butter. When he’s finished, he brings the empty kong, drops it at my feet, backs up and looks at me as if to say, “Okay, lady, I’m finished. Let’s go for a walk”. At least we have solved the barking issue! A few weeks ago, we took Pal to a nice restaurant. I had my doubts about the situation, but Pal went under the table and stayed there the entire meal. I was more impressed than the staff were. Good dog Pal!

Submitted by: Lisa Anthony