This month has been full of exploring for Pal. In August Pal discovered apples and pears falling from our backyard trees. I try to pick up all the fruit before I let Pal out but he always emerges triumphant from the garden with a juicy pear or apple in his mouth.

Pal had his first close encounter with a kitten. He did remarkably well staying focused on me despite the kitten swatting his tail. Pal continues to embrace all our training sessions except the ones that include nail trimming. Luckily those razor sharp puppy teeth aren’t quite as sharp anymore!

Bumpy boat rides, walking on metal ramps, noisy construction vehicles don’t seem to bother Pal at all. However, when he sees another dog, Pal frantically wants to say hello and play. We will need to work on trying not to be so friendly. Pal is just a puppy after all. There is always room for improvement!

Submitted by: Lisa Anthony