The end of the summer is near, and so is our time at the cabin. Pal has had a great time swimming, if you call taking a few paddles and then heading back to shore swimming, seeing lots of new dogs on and off leash, trying hard not to pull towards them, and having fun walking trails off-leash.

Pal was very good for the sitter he had for a weekend. He had never been to an office before but was quiet and calm and laid down under the desk.

We’ve been on a ferry, to the mall, many trips to the grocery store and outdoor markets.

Our new challenge has been welcoming a new PADS puppy, Rupert, into our home for a few weeks. It has been very exciting for both dogs. Hopefully, they settle down, and Pal learns how to play calmly and gently with his new buddy.

Submitted by: Lisa Anthony