At 11 months, Pal is a strong, athletic-looking dog who is full of energy! He is a beautiful-looking dog, as many people have commented on. “He looks so sweet,” people say as we walk by, but inside I am thinking, looks can be deceiving. Pal can walk nicely by my side one minute, and then next, he’s at the end of his leash trying to look at a dog or crow. Trainers tell me it will get better, but it feels like I’m doing nothing right when you’re in the middle of the difficult adolescent months. 

We did have a positive adventure the other day, going to church and then out for lunch. There was only one loud “Woof” during the service. At the restaurant, Pal stayed under the table, at least most of the time. Every day, I try to focus on Pal’s hard-earned achievements and celebrate when he makes great choices.

Submitted by: Lisa Anthony