At 10 months old, Pal is a rambunctious teenager! Smells draw him in various directions pulling me with him. His loose leash walking is interrupted with lunges towards crows and other dogs. A yummy treat before we get too close to the distraction usually saves my arm!

Pal often goes on excursions throughout the week. We took the bus and Skytrain to City Hall to pick up his new dog license. Pal was challenged by a very long lineup that moved slowly. It was good practice to be patient for both of us.

Pal has always had difficulties settling in public, but lately, he has begun to lie down on his bed or a towel and have a nap while I’m busy with friends or sitting on the ferry. There may be hope for trying to take him back to a restaurant again.

Pal settles quite well at home as he loves his new peanut butter-flavoured Benebone and stuffed Kongs. A good chew or snack, and he’s back to his bed for a nap.

Submitted by: Cindy Masaro & Dennis Hartman