This will be the last pupdate that I write for Pal. He will be leaving us for advanced training in two weeks. During Pal’s assessment at Pet Smart, he was a crazy goofball. I thought for sure he had just sealed his fate at being released. However, the trainers are looking for more than what I am seeing. In Canadian Tire, Pal was more the dog that I knew he could be. I thought perhaps there was still a chance he could make it. And he did!

January has been filled with many excursions. We went to a Canucks game where Pal walked through crowds of people. Pal kept his eyes on me even when some people wanted to pat him, thinking he was Ryp, the Canucks service dog in training. Pal did very well even though some people accidentally stepped on him, trying to squeeze past us to get to their seats. After the Canucks scored their first goal and the loud horn sounded, I was secretly hoping they wouldn’t score again!

I have seen Pal grow from a tiny, biting ball of energy puppy to a large, strong, calmer, resilient, well-mannered dog. I will miss having him around. I’ve grown very fond of my walking buddy, who is always at my side. Even though I am a little sad, I am very proud that Pal has made it this far in his journey. Well done Pal!

We are looking forward to what the future holds for this great dog.

Submitted by: Lisa Anthony