As July warmed up Pal seemed to relax and settle more. I’m not sure if it is the heat, him turning 16 months or the training finally kicking in. It’s probably a combination of everything but it does mean Pal is turning into a great dog! Walks are much better. Pal’s loose leash walking is more consistent, he has great eye contact with me when another dog is approaching and he has great recall when he is on an off leash walk.

We have been cooling down on hot days at the grocery store and the mall as well as going to the beach. Trips to restaurants, outdoor markets and cruising on our boat have all been good experiences for Pal this month. A walk through the woods off leash on Gambier Island was a real test to Pal’s recall. As were walking along we came upon a large deer on the path ahead of us. When the deer saw Pal it bounded off. Pal trotted over to where the deer had been, stopped and lifted his front paw pointing as if to say, “Hey lady, the deer went that way”. I called Pal back and he came immediately. Lots of yummy treats were handed out with much praise for that great decision!

Submitted by: Lisa Anthony