After crying all the way home on his first car ride the day we picked Pal up, he now doesn’t even give a whimper when we are off on a new excursion. Pal has been to Costco, where he promptly decided to relieve himself, to the grocery store and shopping at Canadian Tire. We have ventured out on numerous boat rides to Gambier Island on calm seas and rough. Pal is usually just trying to find a good position to take a nap on the boat when not chowing down on his hand-fed kibbles. Pal loves to meet new people, new dogs and taste every fern, blade of grass, stick, fir cone or whatever else might be along the path on his walks. Along with the rest of us, Pal can hardly wait until this heatwave is over! If only Pal realized that the ocean is a cooling, fun place to be, he would get some relief from this heat, but it’s difficult when the waves keep hitting him in the face! There’s all summer to learn how to swim, so for now, he just cools down by biting the water from the sprinkler.

Submitted By: Lisa Anthony